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Related post: Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2001 13:35:33 EDT From: MarkHoppuspunkrocker.co.uk Subject: Revisiting the Past part 3This story is the third in a series that kds pthc contains acts of a sexual nature between porn cp pthc two young brothers and their friends. If this type of content offends you, do not read any further. If you want pthc pedo pic free to read it, keep this in mind. This story is not htp pthc true, all characters are fictional, any resemblance between my characters and other persons ru board pthc link living or dead is purely coincidence. There are a few things which I do not agree with in the series, unprotected sex, unprotected sex with the new guy in the neighbourhood, and unprotected sex with the new guy in the neighbourhood and your little brother. Enough said, let us begin...Part 3: Brotherly Love Not long after Daniel and Steve had fooled around for the first time, an experience came which shocked both of them. It was a typical Friday night, Daniel had just come home from the pthc iboard cgiworld area behind the local shops monkey top 100 pthc where every Friday loads of kids would get porn pthc either pissed, stoned, or both. Daniel avoided this and just hung round with his friends, who didn't take long to lose themselves completely. There was one guy there who was only 13. He was the one who supplied the blow to the kids, nothing like Scarface, just sorting people out for the night. It was usually Matthew next door who lost it first, all of his friends who were older than him were the ones who went, between 13 and 14 years old. This made Daniel feel special, knowing he was the youngest in the crowd. Naturally, his parents didn't know this went on, they thought he went over to buy things, not hang out with smokers and drinkers. This night was particularly special, Daniel had smoked his very first cigarete, and wasn't feeling pthc art gallery too well becuase of it. He came home imboard pthc and ran straight upstairs to bbs pthc pree change out of his clothes that were swallowed in smoke, and brush his teeth. Once this had been done, he still took every precausion to avoid board sven pthc his parents, who were heavy smokers, but would kill him if he started too. "Hey, you pissed yet?" Joked Mark when he walked into the bedroom. He threw a pillow of his bed and hit Daniel's face, but he was too tired to do anything about it. Plus he knew that Mark was just showing off because his friend James was sleeping over, Mark would be showing off like that all night. He got used to it eventually, and when ever the two were together he'd avoid them too. He went up into the pthc bord loft, the only place he could really avoid his parents and the terrible two. He sat on a sleeping bag and looked at the dreary rain out the window. "One day," he thought, "I'm gonna find out something to black mail those two with, then they'll behave." He blog pthc pic didn't realise what he had just said until a long time after. He sat in the loft for three, long hours, first looking out the window, then searching through all the old boxes. He eventually came to a photo album at the top of a pile near the door. He opened it and looked at the pictures, they were of him and Mark as babies. He looked at how cute he was as a baby, then forbidden fruit pthc noticed that on all the photos Mark was always cuter. "NO!" He said to himself. "He's my fuckin brother, I need something to take my mind off it." He knew that he was slowly getting attracted to his younger brother, and in the environment they lived in, being gay was one pthc proibida torrent thing, but being gay with your brother, not even the really gay people would be seen with you. "Here we go," he said picking up a box of his dads old LPs. He looked at them and quietly read out the titles. "The Beetles, John Lennin, Queen, The Bee Gees, this stuff really sucks." He laughed, before finding something that was child pthc galleries stuffed underneath everything. "What the fuck? An ABC pad?" He questioned the object he picked up, pedo pthc vicky a peice russian pthc sites os wood with letters and "Yes" and "No" written on it. He looked at the Ouji Board, before throwing it in the pile behind him. "Daniel are you up uncensored pthc hentai sites there?" His dad shouted before his head popped up through the trap door. "Come on, time you got to bed, if those two annoy you just hit them." He joked motioning him to come down. Daniel climbed down from the loft and walked into his bedroom, he wws the oldest, why should he bes scared of a a few st petersburg pthc kingpass kids? After he'd got washed in their private bath room, he got changed into only his boxer ranchi guide pthc ptsc shorts and climbed into his bed. He didn't realise that Mark and James would stay up all night talking. James looked almost exactly like Mark, the same cute face and cute body, only instead of Mark's shiney, short brown hair and brown eyes you got lost in, he had short dull-blonde hair and green pthc gallery post eyes. The conversations started, Daniel took a pillow and threw it over his head trying to get to sleep. When he eventually did, he wasn't asleep long, at least it didn't feel that way. He was actually asleep a few hours, but was awakened by the giggling of Mark and James. He didn't make his awakening noticable, he hard pthc samples just rolled over to give them both 'the look'. When he faced them, the look of gallery pthc anger he'd put on turned to shock. There were Mark and James, only they were both naked and corressing each others bodies on the carpeted floor, nothing covering them. This made Daniel feel good inside, and most of all, down below. He felt a tingling in his dick and knew he was getting hard. He'd seen his little brother naked hundreds of times, he'd even seen him with a hard on, but neer doing this. He watched in silence, but even that was freebbs pthc too much. He had a dry cum, his body juttered all over and he moan. This made Mark and James jump into Mark's bed and get dressed under the covers quickly. This finally settled Daniel down and he drifted into a peaceful sleep, Mark and James thinking he had only moaned while dreaming. They dared not get back to what ls angels pthc they were doing from fear that he could possibly be awake, so they too went to sleep. The next day went by as normal, Saturday was usually a day to take things easy, but this was disturbed by their dad making them amsterdam pthc both pthc slut wash the car. This was usually a boring pthc illegal hardcore task, but with new facts at his dosposal, Daniel decided he pthc bisex could have pthc illegal tpg a bit of fun today. They got their buckets kids japan pthc and sponges and began to wipe the car. "So Mark," he began, "did you enjoy having James round last night?" He knew pthc cp real illegal the answer to that one. "Yeh why?" "No reason, I just thought I pthc archive heard the two of you fighting last night thats all." He lied. "Fighting?" "Yeh, you were struggling to do something, I assume you tried to beat him up when I heard the bitter noise of skin against skin." He was better at this than he thought. "What you talking about?" Mark hesitated. "We went to sleep not long after you did, you ah, must be pthc proibida dreaming." He was starting to break into a sweat on his fingertips and under his arms. He had an idea then that Daniel had seen them both together, and that only meant one thing, he knew. He played it off as best he could, eventually ending with getting the hose and soaking him. "He, he, got you that time." He laughed, his fear had gone, for now. All that day Mark gave his brother dirty looks, which Daniel returned by occasionally winking and laughing. Then night came, and after getting washed and changed, they went to bed. Mark knew that he would be quizzed about the night before, so he tried getting to sleep straight away. "So pthc nude pedo Mark, have you guessed pthc ls it yet?" Daniel asked. "Guessed what?" "That I know..." Daniel whispered that part eerily. "Come over here a minute." He called. Mark got out of bed and ran accross the room to his brothers bed. "Get in pthc asia a minute, we need to talk." With pthc enema haste, Mark jumped into Daniel's bed and knew what was coming. "Mark, I know about you and James, and what you did last night when you thought I was asleep." This wasn't going to be easy and Mark began to cry. "You mean...that we..." He couldn't finish the sentance, he was too upset. "That we...did it?" He managed wild orchids pthc to say it. But another thought crosse his mind, young girls pthc bbs what if Daniel was on about something diffderent and he'd just let himslef in for it. "Yeh, I laura pthc hussyfan woke up and watched you both, I even came while watching you." He explained. "Don't cry, it's OK. I do it with Steve." movies of pthc He reassured him and told him to stop crying. He put his arm around him in a comforting way. Mark cuddles into him, still crying. "There's nothing wrong naked pthc with it," he keep saying, "just don't tell anybody thats all." This pthc sex blog didn't seem to help, there was only one thing for it. He put his pedo pics pthc russian head down and kissed Mark's fore head, the only part of his face that wasn't imbedded in his chest. "You mean it?" Mark asked, wiping away the tears. "Yeh, don't worry, I'm not gonna tell anyone." pthc bineries He kissed Mark's fore head again, this seemed to cp pedo pthc stop him crying more and more. Mark replied to this by lifting his head up and kissing Daniel pthc cp vombats on the lips. "I love you Mark, why would I tell anyone?" "I love you too Danny." Mark said still sniffing a bit. They looked at each other while what was said sunk in. They kissed again, longer this time, and it felt as if it meant more than the first one. Then Mark felt something tingle below, he had just learned amateur pthc pictures to recognise the feeling as a boner. With in seconds he was hard as a rock and wasn't afraid to show it. Daniel had been hard since he got into bed and planned what he was going to say. The two boners touched, covered only by boxer shorts, and Daniel began to child cambodian pthc massage Mark's chest. This made pthc pictures pussy Mark twitch, as Daniel's other hand pulled down his boxers then his own until they were both completely naked. Their bodies rubbed together pthc index forum making both dicks jump. Then Mark's hand ranchi pthc ls girls found its way to Daniel's throbbing hard on and he started to rub the shaft. Then he put his small hand right roung the four incher and jacked it hard and fast, like he'd seen guys on TV porn do it. In his other hand he held his own boyhood and tried doing the same, but his left hand wasn't very good, so Daniel returned the favour. Danuiel suggested that they pthc yr torrent tried sucking each others dicks, he didn't know the underage porn pthc term short video pthc blow job, but had again seen it on TV when his parents weren't around. He turned around so that his dick was at Mark's mouth, and Mark's was at his. Then they sucked each other off hard. They'd never done this before, and found themselves to bite it at times. Then Daniel's crotch started to tingle, he knew he'd be having new s pthc fotos a dry cum any time pthc 0001 soon. But the dry extreme pthc forum never came, instead, he exploded his first boy cream into Mark's mouth. There wasn't much of it there, but too much for Mark to handle, a bit of it ended up around his pthc dasha anya mouth. Mark got the right way up and looked at Daniel questioningly. He hussyfan pthc topsites leaned in to kiss him again, and Daniel took the oppertunity to lick the cum of Mark's mouth and get a taste himself. It was so sweet, he'd heard sex education teachers talk about it, but they never said anything about it. Mark just looked at him, and went back down to lick up the left overs. Daniel's first pubes had started to grow, and they tickled Mark's face as he did this. Then he got back up tgo face Daniel, and the two just illegal pthc pics cuddled, saying nothing. They were both very tired, the last words spoken were: "I love you Danny." "I love you too Mark." The two cuddled up together and held each other closely. Daniel didn't want to sleep, he wanted to spend all night awake looking at his brother and thinking how much he loved him. Sure at times he could be a pain in the ass, but there was a bond between them, more than the love of young girls pthc brothers, more than the love of best friends, their love was both of these combined. He couldn't win the battle, and after half an hour gave in to his tiredness. In his sleep, he dreamt about Mark, and how the two of them could acheive anything together. The next morning however, he awkoe to find himself alone in his que es pthc bed, Mark was already up and didn't even bother to wake him up. He laughed this off once he got downstairs pretenn pthc and wasn't suprised to see Mark eating, he was one pthc tgp bbs of those kids who could eat everything in the house and put no weight on. pthc dutch He pthc freedom bbs pthc still had an almost perfectly flat stomach, his baby fat was quickly going, and soon he would have pthc pic rapidshare a figure. new pthc laura Daniel just sat down to his breakfast and eat at a normal pace, still looking at Mark who seemed to be timing himself eating. Once he'd eaten, he sat down infront of usually crap Sunday TV, today was pthc bj no exception. "Hey pthc 12 yo boy Danny," shouted Mark from in the kitchen, "you 14 pthc wanna play footy this afternoon?" (footy is shorthand for football, or dark place pthc in this case soccer.) His head popped around the corner with an eager look on it. Daniel looked at his eyes and thinking of the night before didn't hesitate to agree. "Alright," he said, "but we use your ball." Dnaiel's football was a 'Mitre', but Mark had a new 'Nike' ball. Later that day, the boys went down to the park, using pthc young tgp jumper goal pthc yo philippine posts with the propper ones being in use by a league match. They were going to watch, but decided to play their own game. Hours later, they set off home, Mark had had a serious arse wuppin'. They returned to Cherrywood to find the house full of relatives, and plenty of cars parked outside. "Shit, what are we gonna do? There's no way I'm going in there." Worried Daniel, protesting at the same time. Mark shrugged his shoulders, not really bothered about the relatives, until he noticed his uncle Dave's car. This meant that their cousins Emma and Andrew would be there, the two people who annoyed him the most. "Erm, why don't we crash at Steve's?" He asked looking at Daniel. He had picked up the word new mandy pthc "crashed" from some American show. With that, they both ran young board pthc around the corner to Steve's house, knocking on the door anxiously. His mom answered, with a questioning look on her face. "Hi, erm, are Steve or John home?" pthc movies forums child he asked taking charge of the situation. Steve came running to the door staight away. "Hey loita sex pthc guys whats up?" pthc messageboards He asked, not realizing how bad the situation was. "Steve, man, let us in." Daniel said barging through. "ALL our fuckin relatives are round, you gotta let us stay here a few hours man." There was panic in his voice, Steve knew then that the relatives weren't friendly, or if they were, a little too friendly. Steve and Mark went upstairs, Daniel stayed behind to call his parents forum bbs pthc and let them know where they are. He got upstairs to see the other uncensored pthc pictures two guys talking about pthc imgbbs reverse something quietly. "Danny," Steve over, "did yo tell Mark about us?" His heart was in his throat, Daniel had let their biggest secret out. "Yeh, its cool though, Mark fools around with guys toom." Daniel thought quickly, realizing than that Steve would probably never speak to him again for telling. "Just next time you decide to tell somebody ask me first OK?" Steve said, letting himself settle down inside. His head had been spinning and it needed a few minutes to teenz pthc slow down. While this happened, he noticed that all the talk about what he and Dnaiel had done together was making him hard. "So, rules pthc how cp kds pthc bbs long have the two of you being doing pthc tgp young it?" He asked trying to get the other guys hard so he wasn't out of place. "Well, we've only done it once, pthc find in forums but I'd love to do it again." Daniel said putting his arm over Mark's babyj cbaby ptsc pthc shoulder. Steve smiled at this, and he wished he and John could have that kind of relationship. "We should get together some time and fool around, all three of us." Steve said, trying to get some more action. "We could do it now, but my dad and Jason are home, so we won't 10yo pthc web get much privacy." He told them how his dad would come in every ten cp pedo pthc galleries minutes to check he wasn't doing anything he should ever since he caught Jason smoking in his room. "We could board dreamwiz pthc bbs just play Nintendo and listen to some CDs." Said Steve walking over to his CD player. "I just got this Offspring CD, I haven't even listened to it yet." He put icq pthc the CD on and the music blared out, before he hurridly turned it down so his parents would start shouting. "Have you got Golden Eye?" Asked Mark walking over young pthc pic to the N64 in the corner. He had a Play Station, but James had a pthc bittorents 64, and Mark was currently addicted to Golden Eye pthc cashgirls 64. He looked through the pile of games, until finally he found the game he wanted. The boys sat on the end of the bed, Steve called John in so that they could play a 4 player death match. They played for some hours, they didn't notice how quickly the time passed until it got to 9:30 and their parents phoned to tell them to come home, it was already past Mark's bedtime, and by looking at his eyes, it obviously was. Even though they lived around the corner, Steve's mom still found it necassary to drive them home. That night passed quickly, Daniel and Mark didn't do much. They got home and after getting washed and changed, Mark climbed into his bed while Daniel finished up in the bathroom. He came out, "Do you want the light on or off?" He asked, knowing that Mark was scared of the dark. "Off, I'm gonna go straight to sleep." Mark said grabbing his "Gizmo" from Gremlins stuffed toy and closed his eyes. Daniel went over to the light switch and turned it off, standing still a few seconds for his eyes to adjust. He went over to Mark's bed, which was closest to the door, and kissed him child modeling pthc on the cheek. "I love you bro." He said, and crosse the room into his own bed. "I love you too." Mark said once Daniel was settled.
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